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Contract Management

Our Design+Build Services Eliminate The Stress Of The Bidding Process

Clients may enlist our reliable Architect in New Jersey to assist them with contract management. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about contract management services or our other New Jersey architecture services.

It's essential to have the help you need for your renovations or new construction project. For instance, drawings are submitted to the Department of Building, or DOB, for permitting. They often want additional information or require changes before they issue permits.

In the drawings or construction documents, the architect specifies the layout, distances, sizes, heights, materials, and finishes that the construction contractor will follow. Consultants may need to join the design team, such as structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers.

Drawings are also ready to submit to construction contractors for their pricing. When bids are received, you may want to ask our architect to level the bids. If the architect handles this part of the contract management, they will go through each bid, line by line, to ensure everything's correct and that nothing's missing from the contractor's bid.

All of this and more can affect your renovation or new construction project.

Contract Management
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Administrative Management

When your construction contractor works on your project, they'll be following the information and instructions contained in the drawings and construction documents.

As a part of the construction contract management process, changes will often need to be made to the specifications as the project progresses. Changes will affect the entire series of drawings because the design is in three dimensions. They create a lot of unanticipated work for the architect, even if the changes are minor.

The architect administers any changes that need to be made to the construction documents so that the construction contractor will have the correct information to follow to complete the project.


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