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Construction Project Management

New Jersey Construction Project Management To Keep Your Design Running Smooth And On Track

Once you approve the design for your renovations or new construction project in New Jersey and it has been awarded to a contractor, the building permit will be issued, and the construction work begins.

Our New Jersey Architect will provide the construction project management service and other architectural services you need. Our service will ensure that the construction follows your approved design as well as any changes that may need to follow.

As a part of the construction project management process, our New Jersey architect monitors the progress of the project and oversees the design changes. They will coordinate the contractor, engineers, consultants, and the client until the project is complete.  

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Construction Project Management Focusing on Coordination and Communication

The coordination of communication between all parties is essential during the construction project management. It's also crucial to ensure that the building contractor is following the specifications in the construction drawings throughout all phases.

As changes arise, the architect administers the changes, ensures the client approves them, and then ensures the contractor completes the work according to the design. All of this is a part of the administration process that the architect may oversee during the construction project management phase.

It may also include administering:

  • Mock-up approvals
  • Change orders
  • Punch lists
  • Shop drawing approvals
  • Payment requests
  • Drawing changes for permitting
  • etc.

It's essential to have the help you need for your renovations or new construction project in New Jersey. If you try to skip steps, it can lead to unexpected expenses and unforeseen delays.

LND Architect can work with you closely to help you oversee your residential or commercial construction project and ensure that the contractor follows through with the design plans.


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