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Commercial Building Design

Commercial Building Design For Your New Jersey Commercial Property

LND Architect is New Jersey's award-winning commercial building design specialist. We are experts in designing for new commercial construction, additions, and renovations for the corporate, hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries.

Since our experienced Architect in New Jersey has more than 20 years of commercial building design experience, we can assist you in many ways to create a cost-effective, beautiful, and modern design plan.

As part of our services:

We assist in acquiring financing for the construction from lenders we work with closely.

Work with you to develop the design into construction drawings.

Coordinate with engineers, manufacturers, and other representatives.

Collaborate with the building department to get your project plans approved.

Assist you in bidding your project to trusted contractors we work with closely.

Monitor the construction's progress until it ends.

  • When you choose LND Architect for New Jersey commercial building design services, you'll receive high-quality service throughout every step of the way. Contact us today if you're ready to set up a free consultation and estimate!
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Brooklyn, NY New Multifamily Midrise

Experienced With The Challenges of Zoning and Permitting for Commercial Building Design

There are so many beautiful historic buildings in New Jersey. To be sure, we don't want to take away from the rich history and traditional architectural landmarks by designing new ultra-modern buildings that look misplaced among these structures.

When faced with the challenges of zoning and permitting for your project, the commercial building design for new construction or renovations should create the ultra-modern space you need without taking away from the traditional and historic elegance of the neighborhood.

Of course, not all townships and communities in the state of New Jersey are as old, especially as you get into the residential building design of luxury homes in new suburban neighborhoods or the beach retreats along the Jersey Shore.

Whether it's traditional or contemporary, your commercial building design needs careful planning and development to fit in with the other buildings in the area as well as appeal to consumers in the modern era.

Our professional architect is very familiar with submitting the design plans and documentation to the Department of Building for permitting. Our expertise helps the construction process to go smoothly and finish as planned. Plus, we can oversee the construction contractor's progress to ensure the contractor follows the design you approved.


If you need an experienced New Jersey architect, call us today at 201-509-8698, or complete our online request form.